Selection & Assessment

Selection & Assessment

Selecting the right people for your organisation and your roles is crucial to success. We apply our ‘people expertise’ and tools to help you find the best fit. Helping you get the right people on the bus and into the right seats.


Decrease in manager turnover

The Challenge for Organisations: How can we be sure we are hiring the right person?

Recruitment can often fall short at the final hurdle. It can be difficult to get a real understanding of the person behind the CV and the interview. How can organisations really know ‘who’ they are considering for a particular role? Will the person ‘fit in’ with a particular team or context? Is there a proven method to minimise the risk of offering the job to the wrong person at final selection?

The Solution:  Candidate Assessment of Temperament Competency & Hire-ability (CATCH™)

The SeaChange CATCH™ product is introduced at the most critical point of the recruitment process: the final selection phase. The human factor risk is minimised through expert assessment and insight, ensuring the organisation can confidently hire and manage the right person.

How it Works?

Once the client has identified the shortlist of candidates for a specific role through the usual recruitment channels, CATCH™ then independently assesses each candidate to identify best fit. CATCH™ accurately ranks each candidate’s suitability for both the role and the organisation, predicts performance strengths and weaknesses and assists in helping manage the candidate towards success in their new role. CATCH™ offers confidence in the final selection, minimises risk, maximises return, and ensures the employer knows what to expect.

The Benefits:

  • Confidence in the hiring decision
  • Objective and quantifiable evidence to support decision making
  • Accurate road map to predict and manage the successful candidate’s behaviours
  • Huge return on investment on getting it ‘right first time’
  • Reduced risk to the business
  • Reduced costs through less wastage
  • Increased efficiency in ‘person-to-role’ fit
  • Sustainable brand growth and culture development from human capital investment

“The SeaChange CATCH™ Selection & Assessment Service facilitated ‘a match’ between the assessments and the key position advertised, resulting in a competitive interview process and ultimately in securing the right candidate for the role. The professionalism, efficiency and strategic approach employed by SeaChange, along with their acute understanding of human behaviour, results in a unique and first-rate service that cannot be rivalled. “

Gráinne de Paor

Director of Policy, Ethics and Independence, DSI