Safety Culture Footprint™

Safety Culture Footprint™

Poor communications and impractical systems often dampen motivation and increases resistance in the corporate sector. When people are disengaged they create problems, when they are engaged they find the solutions. Everyone can see what’s needed, how to bring about change is the challenge. And that’s where we help. We are the how; we provide bespoke communications expertise and design practical solutions that are proven to drive change according to your requirements in a number of areas including Safety Culture.


Improvement on Safety Culture KPIs

The SeaChange Safety Culture Footprint™ is an evidence-based scientific process that precisely measures the consistent and often prevalent attitudes leading to unsafe behaviours in the workplace. The SeaChange Safety Culture Footprint™ is a tool that accurately maps, through qualitative and quantitative techniques, where organisations score in relation to their safety culture (i.e. bespoke breakdown of attitudes leading to unsafe behaviour). Importantly, the Safety Culture Footprint™ highlights the gaps that need attention and road-maps the priorities to make real and sustainable change in safety culture.

The Safety Culture Challenge

85-95% of accidents are people based. As organisations grow systems, equipment and resources get more advanced, we see a reduction in our losses, variations and accidents, but this if often short-lived. Focusing on so called ‘behavioural interventions’ may see a momentary improvement, but the real and lasting effects can be seen when we focus on Attitudes.

The SeaChange Solution

Through a combination of questionnaires and workshops with every level of the organisation, SeaChange will accurately position the safety culture within your organisation at senior management, frontline management and operations.

The Benefits

  • Real engagement with your workforce
  • Accurate positioning of current culture
  • Provides a baseline to measure effectiveness of interventions
  • Pinpoints where the attention is needed
  • The Culture Footprint™ offers solutions targeted at improving culture sustainably

The SeaChange Culture Footprint accurately positioned the attitudinal and behavioural strengths and weaknesses of our organisation at every layer, and provided a key starting point for sustainable culture change

Donal Dennehy

Site Director, Danone Nutricia