Lean Systems & Management Expertise

Lean Systems & Management Expertise

Poor communications and impractical systems often dampen motivation and increases resistance in the corporate sector. When people are disengaged they create problems, when they are engaged they find the solutions. Everyone can see what’s needed, how to bring about change is the challenge. And that’s where we help. We are the how; we provide bespoke communications expertise and design practical solutions that are proven to drive change according to your requirements in a number of areas including Lean Management.


Increase in Near Miss Reporting

SeaChange are experts in establishing lean principles to create sustainable change within organisations across three fundamental business pillars: purpose, process & people. SeaChange consistently demonstrate unique expertise in implementing interactive tools to ensure processes flow from the ground-up to front-line and senior management. We ensure that people are actively linked to process and everyone involved in the value stream is actively engaged in operating it correctly and continually improving it. The SeaChange Lean Approach is a completely integrated communications approach that fits with existing organisational systems and structures. SeaChange are exerts in linking behaviour and accountability to current systems through lean management tools; when applied to Health & Safety, our lean approach and supporting interactive tools bring safety standards to Bradley Curve level three, four and then upwards in a sustainable way.

The SeaChange JSA SAFE-T™ System and software introduced a lean management approach to safety for our manufacturing facility, and greatly helped to engage staff, connect best practice to the reality on the ground, and grow a sustainable safety culture over time. We are all about investing in our people here and endeavour to achieve the best in every area of our business

Gareth Chambers

CEO, Around Noon