Leadership & Coaching

Leadership & Coaching

Poor communications and impractical systems often dampen motivation and increases resistance in the corporate sector. When people are disengaged they create problems, when they are engaged they find the solutions. Everyone can see what’s needed, how to bring about change is the challenge. And that’s where we help. We are the how; we provide bespoke communications expertise and design practical solutions that are proven to drive change according to your requirements in a number of areas including Leadership & Coaching.


Increase in Front-Line Manager KPIs

SeaChange have a team of experts who are highly experienced in authentically delivering leadership training, management coaching, human development and change management, all of which are based on organisational psychology principles. The SeaChange Leadership Programme is a practical and behaviour based solution to enhance people performance across a number of areas within business such as Health & Safety, Quality, Lean, Strategy and Manager Development. Bespoke programmes are bespoke according to your requirements, but are always designed to tap into the hearts and minds of your people. We provide specific roadmaps and KPIs for senior management and frontline management to improve their leadership ability, productivity and performance.

“SeaChange has shown us the importance in connecting our people to process and making safety a personal issue. We are excited to continue our work and development with SeaChange and their lean, sustainable approach”.

Mary Moran

Director, Bristol Myers Squibb