Behaviour-Based Safety Solutions

Behaviour-Based Safety Solutions

Poor communications and impractical systems often dampen motivation and increases resistance in the corporate sector. When people are disengaged they create problems, when they are engaged they find the solutions. Everyone can see what’s needed, how to bring about change is the challenge. And that’s where we help. We are the how; we provide bespoke communications expertise and design practical solutions that are proven to drive change according to your requirements in a number of areas including Behaviour Based Safety.


Injury Reduction

How you manage safety heavily influences both culture and productivity. Traditional BBS gives you the ‘what’, but the SeaChange solution also provides the ‘how’. Our Behavioural Safety Programme is tailored to your organisation and provides you with the tools and routines to:

  • Identify factors that are leading to unsafe behaviours
  • Communicate the safety message in a practical and meaningful way
  • Measure progress and continuous improvement so that safe behaviours grow from the ground up


Our measurable programmes are bespoke to your needs and proven to increase safety awareness and ownership on the ground where the risk lives. Results include reduced policing time, decreased absenteeism, reduced claims, increased morale, increased productivity and increased performance. SeaChange delivers sustainable behavioural breakthroughs in Health & Safety.

SeaChange understand people, behaviours and lean management. They have developed leading edge solutions and tools that positively impact attitude, behaviours and results at every layer in our business. We began working with SeaChange to try and improve our safety culture. SeaChange conducted a Safety Culture Footprint™ to identify the gaps and prioritise actions. We immediately experienced both tangible results (reduced accident rate by 75%) and intangible results (improvement in staff morale). We are now working with SeaChange on a number of lean management projects and leadership training to continue to grow our culture in the right direction

Philip Tracey

CEO and Owner, Ace Freight