About Us

We’re passionate about helping organisations achieve progress through people

Folders, videos, memos and lectures about policies, procedures and standards are not the catalyst for real and lasting change.

SeaChange have a highly experienced team of corporate experts who specialise in numerous disciplines including leadership, culture change, behaviour-based safety, lean management, organisational psychology, lean systems, safety culture and selection and assessment. The SeaChange Corporate team provide unique insight into culture and enable partner organisations to lead real behavioural breakthroughs. We pride ourselves on our authenticity and grounded approach that comes from over 60 years’ collective experience in the corporate sector. Most importantly we don’t simply suggest ‘what’ show be done to effect real culture change, we demonstrate ‘how’ to do it in a practical and sustainable way. The SeaChange Way. 

The SeaChange Way

Three basic principals underpin our leading edge approach

  • A picture paints a thousand words – so make best practice visual
  • Habits are safer than rules – so grow behaviors from the ground up
  • People don’t engage by accident – so treat them as part of the solution, not the problem


“I have 28 years experience in manufacturing management and organisational development and I have yet to see paper and documentation keep people safe or maintain quality standards. I developed the SeaChange Way to address this major gap. We’re leading SeaChange towards international recognition for its unique, fresh approach to strengthening organisations. We’re being acknowledged as providing the ‘missing piece’ in effecting real, sustainable culture change and bringing growth and long-term sustainability to organisations through their people.”

Ger Cummins

CEO SeaChange

People drive change. To create change you need to firstly understand, engage and inspire people. Then, secondly, provide practical, visual, bespoke systems which organically become part of how people think and work. We help organisations do both and achieve real and lasting change.